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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Update on the lemon juice!

Hi guys,
Since the post before last I've been religiously applying lemon juice to a cotton ball (the kind of lemon juice that comes in a little bottle) and rubbing it on my face after taking my makeup off and washing my face. I have noticed that it has taken a lot of the redness out of my skin (which is a good thing) and made my skin tone a lot more even. I think it does a little bit of work in drying up the oil, as I don't have to powder during the day as I used to. I am thinking of applying it in the mornings too and seeing how it holds up under my makeup. I do believe I'll do a post (or perhaps a video) of everything in my makeup drawer and what I use it for.... something to that effect. Have a lovely Friday!
<3 xoxo

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