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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bowling Tournament, Who Will Come Out On Top?

     I think the general consensus of the class is that no one is a professional bowler. That being said, a couple of the students really stood out and had a little more experience than everyone else.

  1. Joseph Bodenbach,  a junior, bowled a lot over Christmas break. He said he got a 167 during that time, and that he spent a lot of his childhood bowling. He's a tall guy, but he does have a method: "Speed, not accuracy." Well, with long arms like that, what could go wrong? 
  2. We also have Nolan Ismande, a senior who says bowling is in his blood. Although he says he is quite hit or miss, and may crack under pressure, his high is a 175, which is pretty impressive. He also plays once a month. 
  3. Then we have senior Charlie Potter. He seems to be a veteram. He says he goes to Leland Lanes a lot. Once a week, maybe even more. He could have a home court advantage. But one important thing to note: when the drinks start flowing and the pitchers start showing up, you can count this guy out. The more he drinks...well, you know. He has said, "Watch out for the second pitcher." 
     As far as long shots go, I'd say pretty much everyone else falls into that category. However, Tyler Hanes fits into a different sort of category. I call him, "The Hustler." He says that although his last score was 36, his next game could be 150, he just never knows. I guess it depends on how well he can hustle the other players. He, too has a way of winning, in addition to hustling: throw that bowling ball right down the middle. I mean, what's the worst that could happen, right? 
     But then we have Victoria Sheehan, a senior who recently started bowling without the bumpers going down the lane. She claims herself to be a "silent predator," however she mentioned a really high score which she thought wasn't that high and the whole class had to laugh. Her credibility went out the window after that. Her words, "triumphs and tragedies" may be accurate after all. 
     As for me, well, I don't like to let all my secrets out. All I can say is that it will be a surprise.