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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hey guys, glad to be relaxing and posting on my blog and NOT worrying about my fingernails and what I am going to do about them. The Nail Magic was NOT a success. I believe my nails were chemically burned by using it, and if you want to try it, do yourself a favor and don't. It burns when you apply it, it chips off in hours, and if left on for a couple of days, your nails beds will develop a reddish tint. Needless to say, I had to make a trip to the nail salon today and put my acrylics back on. Hopefully my nails will grow back out and I can take them off soon and go natural. =] This post is about (you may have guessed it) THESE GUYS!
I was reading up on the most popular products on MakeupAlley  and was surprised to see "Lemon Juice" listed. I clicked, and stumbled upon these reviews.  I read lots and lots of reviews, mainly because it seemed that everyone that tried it experienced some sort of positive result. It was encouraging to see that so many people improved their skin with something so simple as lemon juice. I decided to try it myself (starting tonight) by applying it as a toner from a fresh lemon. It made my skin tingle at first, but it quickly went away. A tingle, not a burn. I stress that because with Nail Magic, it was a BURN. Anyways... I will update periodically to let you guys know how things are progressing. I'm excited for the oil reduction and pimple help it's known for! Anyhoodles, Hope you all are having a fantastic night, talk to you soon! Emily xoxo

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nail Magic/New YouTube Account

Hey guys! I know it's been a little while since I posted anything, I'm working on a... I guess you could say a small experiment. Since taking off my acrylics, my nails have been super brittle, breaking off and splitting like crazy. I cut them completely off and decided I needed some big help to rectify the situation. BIG HELP. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and after reading lots of reviews on it, got this stuff called Nail Magic.
The plan is to make a YouTube video every week and show you guys the results of the product. I've been at work nonstop the last week, but hopefully by Tuesday I'll be able to make a YouTube account and get this whole thing started! I'll be making lots of review videos for different products, and possibly some haul videos. I'll keep you posted! Emily xoxo

Do not use this product. It will ruin your natural nails. If it is between using this product and having nails that split and break, choose the latter.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Just a couple fun photos.

Jewelry fun! I love my rings. <3

The pink one I got from Charlotte Russe forever ago, as well as the gold flower one. The two sea foam green ones came from Belk around Christmastime, and the owl was gifted from my mom. (Thanks, Mom!) All the rest were from Forever 21

It's not hard to tell that I love gold! I rarely wear anything silver, but sometimes it does happen. I'm a golden girl! =]]

DIY studded denim shorts!

So here recently I've been feeling extra creative. I did all my research, and decided it couldn't be that hard. (And plus I was dying to have my own pair of high waisted destroyed denim!) It wasn't hard in the least. And thanks to Hobby Lobby for the awesome studs. This is the result!

That was actually my second attempt. My first attempt turned out pretty awesome as well, even without the studs.

 Step one was, of course, locating some old jeans. I visited my local thrift store and procured two pair, just waiting to be destroyed. The process was not difficult at all, and only required scissors, bleach, a small paintbrush for the cross on the lighter pair, and the studs. I have one more pair that I'm going to destroy, and will post step by step instructions for those. So stay tuned!!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Beginning.

Hi everyone! 
I'm new to this whole blogging thing, but a lot of the people I've seen on this site have inspired me! I love reading all the fashion and beauty blogs (which make up most of the list of people I follow) and am attempting to start my own fashion blog. If anyone has any tips or helpful hints on how to best achieve this, please leave a comment! 
Thanks in advance. =]