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Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY studded denim shorts!

So here recently I've been feeling extra creative. I did all my research, and decided it couldn't be that hard. (And plus I was dying to have my own pair of high waisted destroyed denim!) It wasn't hard in the least. And thanks to Hobby Lobby for the awesome studs. This is the result!

That was actually my second attempt. My first attempt turned out pretty awesome as well, even without the studs.

 Step one was, of course, locating some old jeans. I visited my local thrift store and procured two pair, just waiting to be destroyed. The process was not difficult at all, and only required scissors, bleach, a small paintbrush for the cross on the lighter pair, and the studs. I have one more pair that I'm going to destroy, and will post step by step instructions for those. So stay tuned!!


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