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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh, Louis.

Just a little blog post, I've been pretty busy lately and have been so absent-minded. Today I went thrifting for the first time at a Mission Possible in Irondale, and I came across a gem. I hadn't really been that successful thus far, but as I was checking out, I spotted this in the display case...
Gold trim, vintage. I'm in love. <3 I have wanted a vintage Louis for so long.
Any of you come across any great finds thrifting lately? Leave a comment!
And there should be posts very soon about the latest shorts I've reworked. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Denim ebay shorts! Andddd my other shorts I dyed!

So I received my shorts today in the mail that I got on ebay! I was super excited...unti I tried them on. They are very very short, sort of in the "hotpants" style. Buttcheek city, which is not cool with me. I'm trying to find a way to wear them without looking like a lady of the night. I thought of tights, but I don't know how I could do that without looking like an idiot. Any ideas?
Here they are:

And my other shorts I dyed a couple of days ago! 
(thank you TumbleDye!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED. Know why? I just ordered these beautiful lavender booties.
     I had the hardest time deciding between the mint green and the lavender, but I figured the mint green may wash my skin color out, so I went with my first instinct. This is my first purchase, have any of you ever ordered anything from there?
     If you haven't been to the website, you should definitely visit. Their shoes are amazing. They have many different designer inspired styles (including these of course.) I've been dying to get my hands on some of these Lita inspired shoes that everyone is wearing. I just hope that the top of them don't cut off my circulation...that would not be very fashion forward.
     But indeed, pictures like this (see below) have been driving me insane, and when I finally figured out what the shoes were called, I had to do something about it. And at around 38.00$ (and that includes shipping) they were a steal!

I really like how hers are sort of loose around her ankle, I hope mine turn out to be like that. <3 


I'm a bit late on the Monday Madness, BUT

Here it is! Better late than never, right? Hope you guys are having a great week!
Obsessed with nude nails. And since I'm not supposed to have painted nails for my job, they're inconspicuous enough to make the cut. =]
Gotta include these girls, because they inspire me every week. <3
She was so ridiculously beautiful. I've always wanted a mask like that one also! And the tassel earplugs of course! 
And on that note, thanks for viewing. Have a lovely week! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And as promised...

I told you guys that I would share the results of the CK jeans with you, right? Well here they are!

AHHHHHH there are no words for how happy with these I am. I absolutely love them. LOVE them. They actually turned out sort of rainbow-y because the yellow kind of mixed with the pink and made orange..and then the yellow mixed with the blue and made a bit of green. So happy. And it was super easy! Made possible by Tumble Dye dye spray. Super convenient and nifty. All you do is spray it on (can be wet or dry fabric) and then let it dry. When it's dry, throw whatever you dyed into the dryer for 20 minutes. That's how you set it. And then you're done! Don't wash the item after you've dyed it before it's dry. I originally sprayed the stuff on the shorts wet, then washed them while they were still wet and the dye just washed out almost completely. The pictures below are the wonderful dye. It's at Hobby Lobby in a variety of colors. Below is 
Hot Pink 

and Royal Blue and Gold. 

 The Royal Blue and gold were actually only $1.07 a bottle because they were on sale for some reason. I am absolutely in love with these dyes. They are so easy to use. I can't wait to dye more things.

My favorite foundations. Reviews...and a small apology!

Everyone has their "HG" foundation. Every woman goes through different foundations, searching for that perfect one that will not run down her face after two hours, make her skin look fresh, perhaps hide her laugh lines. There are so many foundations on the market, how do you choose? I am constantly on the lookout for foundations to help my oily skin be shine-free. I try new foundations all the time (it's sort of a problem) and only keep the ones that I really like. Here are the fantastic four! 
Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector (BB)
I say the fantastic four...But the apology goes to that Garnier BB you see on the right. I bought this when Garnier first came out with it, I guess it's been a few months ago now. I was so anxious to get home and try it out that when I got home from the store I took off the makeup I had on just to test it. And it was horrid. I had never been more displeased with a foundation in my life. My mom saw it and had said she wanted to try it, (because I was all set to return it) and so I kept it in my cabinet. Until today. I saw an ad for it in a magazine and it reminded me that I had it, so I decided to give it another shot. Today I used my usual Smashbox Photo Light primer, and then dabbed a little of the Garnier BB onto my hand. I used my foundation brush, and I think that made all the difference. Before, when I put it on it made my skin just look greasy. Didn't look nice and dewy, just straight oil slick. And no amount of powder would make it better. Also, it didn't seem to blend into my skin at all, it just sat on top of it. Maybe my skin has changed, or the brush made a big difference, I don't know. But it did not look like that today. When I first put it on and put powder over it, it looked really matte. I went to the movies and returned home about four hours later. The product was still on, and did not look greasy, just a little dewy. But not a bad dewy. So, my apologies for judging too rashly. You, Garnier BB, will stay in my drawer.

Revlon Colorstay for Combination/Oily Skin
This is probably the foundation that I use the most out of the four. I absolutely love the coverage and the oil control it gives you. It really does not slip. Before I had this I tried out Makeup Forever's Matte Velvet + foundation and was VERY disappointed. I think this works better than that at a fraction of the price. I don't find that it gives you an ashy appearance like some reviews that I've read. In my opinion, it's the best drugstore foundation you could possibly buy, especially if you have oily skin.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover 
I've had this foundation for forever. I even let my aunt borrow it and she got her own bottle and gave me mine back because she liked it so much. When I bought this product about two years ago, I had some pretty rough problems with my skin. I was trying desperately to find something to just mask my face, take away all the imperfections. This is literally like a mask. It will mask any and everything. That includes any glow you have to your skin. It is extremely matte. The lady that recommended it to me was actually a salesgirl for Clinique. I asked her what she was wearing and she said it was this. She also said she had it on her tattoos, because it does an amazing job at covering them up. (That says a lot about the coverage.) So I'd say if you really need some major cover, this is your foundation. If you want to look natural, not for you. But on days when I have one or two zits, I will dab this on them with a concealer brush and they disappear.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid
Ahhh, Mac. You were probably the first high-end foundation I ever actually enjoyed. I still remember the day I got you, and I've had you longer than the Estee Lauder. This foundation is wonderful. It and the Colorstay sort of remind me of one another, just the consistency and the wear. I would say that Colorstay has a lot more coverage. But both control oil very well. And Mac is definitely second in line to the Colorstay in my book. Although I do love both!

Hope these reviews helped, I would have had more but I recently did a much needed makeup drawer clean out. Of course those got thrown away so that tells you a little something about them...

Thrift time!!!

So, a couple of days ago I went to the thrift store and a couple of antique malls near my house. (I'm a thrifting junkie...) Anywho, I found a few reallllllllyyyyy great finds that I'm super excited about!
The hippie top!! As I call it...It's a great neutral tan color and has sequin detail, but not the gaudy sequins, they're more casual. The sleeves are the perfect length, hitting me a little under my elbow, which makes it summer appropriate! I can't wait to wear it! 

Ahhh, these lovely Jordache shorts. I remember when these babies were still on the racks in stores. I saw them and immediately had big plans for them. I'm trying to decide if I should bleach them and then dye them, and if so, what color. Any opinions? Please feel free to share! 

When I was around 9 and 10, I remember seeing teenage girls of the 90s with these perfectly faded, perfectly distressed denim jeans. THESE ARE THOSE JEANS. I finally have a pair of my own. They're 90s looking Calvin Klein jeans with a four button fly. I LOVE button flys. Too bad I cut them off...but they are better off for it... You'll see. ;)

Oh Mylanta. As soon as I saw this little gem, I knew it was coming home with me. It's an adorable 70s looking patterned wool feeling coat. Reminds me a lot of Mad Men. Even though the daily temp around here is about 80 degrees, I still had to have it for winter. And at 4$, who wouldn't have bought it?

Ahhhhh. How long I have been yearning for a hot pink blazer type jacket of my own. I found this one at the antique mall with the other coat. It's 100% silk and a beautiful shade of pink. It's also sort of long, which is perfect for high waisted denim cutoffs, as it hits the leg right about the place that they do. I studded the corner of the lapels just for a little bit of pizzazz. 

I am so proud of all these items!! And I can't wait to show you guys the results of the denim CK jeans. They're AWESOME. Have a wonderful night! And don't forget, today is a PLL night. =]


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Update on the lemon juice!

Hi guys,
Since the post before last I've been religiously applying lemon juice to a cotton ball (the kind of lemon juice that comes in a little bottle) and rubbing it on my face after taking my makeup off and washing my face. I have noticed that it has taken a lot of the redness out of my skin (which is a good thing) and made my skin tone a lot more even. I think it does a little bit of work in drying up the oil, as I don't have to powder during the day as I used to. I am thinking of applying it in the mornings too and seeing how it holds up under my makeup. I do believe I'll do a post (or perhaps a video) of everything in my makeup drawer and what I use it for.... something to that effect. Have a lovely Friday!
<3 xoxo

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monday Madness!

Hello lovelies,
Since I get paid every Monday, it's a pretty good day for me, and maybe not so much for everyone else. So I thought I'd start a tradition: posts every Monday on fashion/beauty things that I've seen lately that have inspired me. Let me know what you guys think! And I hope this brightens up your Mondays. <3
BTW: I'm currently slightly obsessed with high waisted denim shorts (still) so please excuse all of those.. =]