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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thrift time!!!

So, a couple of days ago I went to the thrift store and a couple of antique malls near my house. (I'm a thrifting junkie...) Anywho, I found a few reallllllllyyyyy great finds that I'm super excited about!
The hippie top!! As I call it...It's a great neutral tan color and has sequin detail, but not the gaudy sequins, they're more casual. The sleeves are the perfect length, hitting me a little under my elbow, which makes it summer appropriate! I can't wait to wear it! 

Ahhh, these lovely Jordache shorts. I remember when these babies were still on the racks in stores. I saw them and immediately had big plans for them. I'm trying to decide if I should bleach them and then dye them, and if so, what color. Any opinions? Please feel free to share! 

When I was around 9 and 10, I remember seeing teenage girls of the 90s with these perfectly faded, perfectly distressed denim jeans. THESE ARE THOSE JEANS. I finally have a pair of my own. They're 90s looking Calvin Klein jeans with a four button fly. I LOVE button flys. Too bad I cut them off...but they are better off for it... You'll see. ;)

Oh Mylanta. As soon as I saw this little gem, I knew it was coming home with me. It's an adorable 70s looking patterned wool feeling coat. Reminds me a lot of Mad Men. Even though the daily temp around here is about 80 degrees, I still had to have it for winter. And at 4$, who wouldn't have bought it?

Ahhhhh. How long I have been yearning for a hot pink blazer type jacket of my own. I found this one at the antique mall with the other coat. It's 100% silk and a beautiful shade of pink. It's also sort of long, which is perfect for high waisted denim cutoffs, as it hits the leg right about the place that they do. I studded the corner of the lapels just for a little bit of pizzazz. 

I am so proud of all these items!! And I can't wait to show you guys the results of the denim CK jeans. They're AWESOME. Have a wonderful night! And don't forget, today is a PLL night. =]



  1. Those shorts are so cute. I definitely recommend you bleach and dye them magenta or pink!

  2. I think that's a lovely idea!! The last time that I played around with the dye I achieved the PERFECT color that I wanted...and then I realized I left them in there so long they were all holy. =[ Hopefully that will not happen to these! Any helpful hints? I've read to dilute the bleach with water, but how much water?