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Monday, March 3, 2014

Dress for Success (And Your Best)

This is another article for one of my classes. It's so disconcerting to see students wear shorts and t-shirts (mostly females, since guys don't really care what they look like most of the time) to class. Check out my class' website,! 

Dateline Features Producer

You never know who you could run into when out in public.
It could be an old friend, a high school sweetheart, or a celebrity.
This makes dressing your best all the more important, not only in a business meeting or on a formal occasion, but even on a simple trip to the grocery store.
On two occasions I found this helpful: walking into the wrong class and finding famous weatherman James Spann as a guest speaker and meeting Tommy Shaw of the rock band Styx at the Nashville airport.
Lucky for me, I was dressed in actual clothes on both occasions, not workout attire or a baggy T-shirt.
College is a place of learning and it is understandable to want to be comfortable.
It is possible to look good and be comfortable without looking like a workout-junkie.
Granted, some students may work out after they leave class, but the rest? Why?
It has been said many times that if you dress better, you have more self-confidence, which helps to perform better in a professional atmosphere and even your daily life.
Why not take advantage of it?
That’s what Amy Ogles, a freshman interior design student, does every day.
"To class I normally wear a nice blouse with a sweater, jeans, and boots,” she said.  “Looking my best to class is important for two reasons: You're being taught by people who are at the top of the field you are aspiring to be in. Also school is really important to me and I treat it like a job."
One of her professors took note of her style and complimented her.
"He told me how he really noticed and appreciated that I always came to class and dressed professionally. I made a positive impression on him. That reassured me that getting up an extra 30 minutes early was completely worth it."
Ogles isn't the only girl who believes in the power of fashion and professionalism.
"I usually wear either a striped shirt or something simple with a structured jacket. I rarely wear jeans, I usually wear black, colored, or patterned pants," said Hannah Widener, a sophomore journalism major.
Dressing professionally benefited her as well.
"I once wore a fun burgundy suit with a white collared shirt to a presentation. Then later that night covering another event my clothes started a conversation with my now radio boss. My outfit opened up a different possibility for my career."
When trying to choose an outfit, don't think of what your day holds: think of what your day could hold.
"I dress nice every day because the next person you meet could change your life and you don't want to be wearing sweat pants when you meet them," said Widener.
As said by designer Tom Ford, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” And who doesn’t appreciate those?

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